Awakened Journeys is the result of two dreams that came together serendipitously on the island of Bali, Indonesia in 2016.  Jonathan and Scott met during a coach’s retreat and after few conversations, they soon realized they had a common desire: to combine transformation and travel. They knew, from their own experiences, that some of the most transformative experiences of their lives took place when they stepped out of the known of their day-to-day worlds and into the unknown of a new culture, environment and experience.

It didn’t take long before the first trip emerged, a week long adventure into the heart of the Sacred Valley, Peru. Now, there are big plans to continue creating spaces for true transformation to take place into the future.


Meet The Awakened Journeys’ Team

Jonathan Hermida

Co-Founder and Guide

Jonathan has been on a deep inner journey of self-discovery for nearly a decade,  a journey that has seen him travel to more than 40 countries on five continents as both a student of life and as a facilitator of transformation.

Certified as a Deep Transformational Coach, Jonathan’s deepest passion and mission in life is to help people around the world transcend the limitations of their thoughts and belief systems so that they may discover and experience their true power and purpose.

His depth of insight and light-hearted, caring nature creates the ideal environment for life-changing breakthroughs.  He is open-hearted, profoundly curious and deeply committed to your continued evolution as a human being.

To learn more visit Jonathan’s website: 

Scott Masciarelli

Co-Founder and Guide

Scott enjoys living his life as a grand adventure as much as he enjoys participating in, creating and facilitating retreats and adventure trips.

Wherever he is, Scott brings his easy-going spirit, sense of adventure, and an invitation to all participants to explore within their most uncharted – and fascinating –  territory.

When you are with Scott you immediately feel at ease. He loves to laugh and sees the humor in most everything. His vibrant personality helps people relax and connect with the essential reason they are on the retreat, a journey or in a coaching session.

From his work and extensive travels he has noticed that many people around the world are asking the question “What’s next?” and are seeking the answer. A number of years ago, while asking himself that very question, he found coaching and discovered it was the perfect way to harmonize all of his interests, life experiences and passions. Many of his clients and students are also asking the same question, as though they are all hearing the same inner call to step into an even greater version of themselves and to make a lasting difference in the world.

He knows from personal experience that there is something special in the focus and energy of a trip which allows each person to connect with local people, be physical, learn and feel truly alive. All are wonderful motivators for personal growth to occur.  During these journeys transformation is invited, new horizons are viewed, ideas are born, and the future is created.

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Nastassia Luisis

Creative Lead

Nastassia is the marketing and creative lead at Awakened Journeys.  Her insatiable passion for travel and transformation makes her a natural fit for our team. Nastassia believes that the best way to reach our highest potential is to surround ourselves with people and projects that inspire us and push us beyond our perceived limitations. When not working you’re likey to find Nastassia immersed in a good book by a beautiful beach.


Our Local Guides and Trek Leaders (Sacred Valley)

Eddy Wilfredo Gibaja Tapia


Born in Ollantaytambo, Peru, Wilfredo has been a tour guide and trek leader for over 20 years. He is an expert in native history and culture – which has been passed down to him through his family for generations.

Owner of the acclaimed Puma Path Adventures Peru  trekking company, his experience in planning and executing trekking and touring experiences is beyond reproach.

An experience planned by Eddy is always an adventure!

Eduardo Apaza Chura


Eduardo was born in Q’eros Nation, a town 6,000 meters (19,000 feet) above sea level in the Andes Mountains. This Quechua speaking community is known to be the last stronghold of the true Andean shaman and curandero.

Eduardo has a unique ability to connect to mother earth, also known to the Andean people as Pachamama.

Eduardo has inherited the power of the Apus from his ancestors which he now shares with all his Q’eros brothers and sisters.